About Me

Sarah Askey Back Massage

I offer sports and holistic massage. 

My passion is helping people to let go of physical ailments like tension, pain, stress, stiffness and anxiety. 

To help people find calm in a very stressful world. 

Regular massage is key. 

I have experience with cancer, auto immune conditions and life limiting illnesses. I work from home and in palliative care.

Having experienced first hand the sometimes debilitating affects of cancer I can offer a safe space to start to process life after surgery and treatment. 

I am especially interested in how massage can help support the process of scarring. Often the area feels alien, with not only altered sensation, the loss of body part, but also perhaps repulsion and the want to turn away.

 I will do my utmost to support you, if I feel that you need to see another professional I will try to point you in the right direction. Clients play a huge part in the process of adaptation and healing and it is a collaboration between therapist and client.

I have an intuitive instinct when working with individuals and pick up on far more than the presenting symptoms. Many times the root is something the client hadn't thought about.

I believe that we hold emotions, pains, upsets, disappointments, anger and so on within our bodies which, over the years, build up as dysfunction within the soft tissues and can cause long term issues.

Regular massage can break this cycle and give the body and soul breathing space to let go. As this happens, 'magic' occurs. Time and time again I have witnessed this 'magic' as something deeper than the massage itself , something very powerful happens as the body starts its own healing process.

In my spare time I read a lot, run with a club( competing in races and cross country) love the theatre and love being in the natural world. I started walking the SWCP in 2023, carrying my full pack and wild camping as I went. Age is but a number.

I hold a BA in social sciences, BSc Physiotherapy, Level 4 Diploma Holistic Massage and a Fitness instructors Award. I am a member of MTI and fully insured