Sarah Askey

Sports & Holistic  Massage

BA, BSc Physiotherapy, MTI

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What to expect

The first appointment will establish what it is that you want from massage. Through questioning and assessment we will make a plan together. 

The massage itself will reflect the plan we have made but I will also be led by what I feel with my hands.  I may work on one particular area of tightness or the massage may cover a wider area.

After the massage I will re-assess and see how it has helped. You may have exercises that need to be worked on at home or life style advice.

The frequency and the amount of massages needed will vary depending on what it is you are trying to achieve.

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What People Say

" I'm so glad to have discovered Sarah - she quickly put me at my ease, and is highly skilled. - I go for regular stress-busting massage, and after each session I leave with muscles unknotted and a deep sense of wellbeing. She works wonders, and I always feel restored and renewed after time in her peaceful setting!"  -  Joanna Jones

Time to relax and give legs some well earned TLC. Sarah's personal, friendly and professional approach instantly puts you at ease. Her in-depth knowledge of human-anatomy means she has plenty of advice to help with exercise and training routines to build strength.  Always leave feeling much better than when I arrived. Would highly recommend Sarah to anyone looking for a good massage, especially runners" - Chris Smart

"Sarah is a superb massage therapist but she's so much more than that. Her knowledge of the human body and how it works is amazing. She is also a lovely person, a great communicator, empathic and really easy to get along with. I recommend her without reservation" - Kim Hutton

"Really good! Sorted my tense neck muscles out in 2 sessions. I would recommend" - Karen Pugh

"Fantastic knowledge of body and mind. Sarah combined her physiotherapy knowledge and massage to help me with a long term issue. Couldn't recommend enough" - Sue Egan

"A personal and attentive approach, way beyond expectations! Helped to tackle a significant and ongoing issue I had been suffering with for a long time! 5star service and a lovely person to boot!" - Nathan Jarrold

"Sarah is a truly exceptional therapist - the best I've found over many years of needing treatments. Apart from keeping this 60-year old supple and mobile enough to continue a physically demanding career, she completely cured my plantar fasciitis (which I had been told would require surgery) , and was instrumental in halving my recovery time for a badly torn muscle. She also cured a painful case of tennis elbow. Also, with her expertise as a physiotherapist she often recommends various exercises and stretches to help avoid future problems. I can't recommend her highly enough." - Tim Phillips

"Sarah did a great job of treating my longstanding back pain. Having been to many therapists, physios, chiros etc over the years, I can honestly say she is one of the best!" - Kathryn Howarth

"Sarah is an amazing massage therapist, very knowledgeable and professional.  She has an unerring ability to find the aches and pains and great knowledge and experience from her physiotherapy training." - Philip Congrave 

"Just had three sessions and almost fixed. Would recommend to anyone who needs treatment" - Paul Merriman

"My body has been revitalised. I am not an athlete, I am over 50 and I enjoy exercise and horse riding, but I was becoming a knotted, lopsided old crock. 

Sarah identified the problem immediately, a knee problem I had had since being a teenager, she got to work on the problem and just after 5 sessions I am straight and no longer an old crock. I have been able to make adjustments that were impossible before and can now enjoy my hobbies again.

I would highly recommend her no matter your age or your problems. I look forward to continuing treatment as a check up to prevent occurrence" - Julie Mackay

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30 minutes: £35

60 minutes: £60